Have you heard about the Enterprise networking revolution?

There is a quiet revolution happening in enterprise networking. We are seeing it among automotive and other manufacturers; banks and other financial service firms; media businesses and the networks delivering their content; utilities and other energy companies; pharmaceuticals; healthcare; retail; government and more.

The specific business needs driving this revolution differ widely. For Zoom it was all about ultra-reliable video delivery no matter how quickly the company grew (and this was before worldwide lockdowns drove demand for videoconferencing through the roof). For another of our customers in investment services it was a multi-cloud-based business continuity strategy covering operations in 300 locations worldwide, all requiring real-time access to customer data and key business applications.

More control, please

But when we dig down to the networking needs beneath all this variety, we essentially see a need for far more control over far more data, the need to acquire, analyse and act on that data allowing you to make informed decisions. The nature of the control varies —it can be about performance, speed, flexibility, reliability, scalability, security, or (usually) some mix. The increase in data can be about digitising and automating more processes and services, or operating in more places more responsively, or capturing and using more information, more effectively.

None of this amounts to a sudden break with the past. What we’re seeing is business momentum driven by a constellation of IT trends or the Fourth Industrial Revolution — growth in cloud computing, data centre outsourcing, the Internet of Things, advanced analytics and AI applications, for example — that are putting pressure on corporate VPNs. This has led to a quiet transformation by many of our clients, as they have moved to adopt Lumen® Wavelength Services for core parts of their network.

This is a managed, private, point-to-point fiber-optic connectivity solution that offers:

  • Dedicated bandwidth, from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, that can be scaled to handle temporary spikes or permanent growth.
  • Service level commitments available around installation, latency, and availability
  • Resilience choices to suit different needs.
  • Unencrypted or encrypted wavelengths (with encryption at the physical layer, requiring no network overheads at all).

Not just for the big boys

Not too long ago, this type of service was regarded as suitable only for wholesale network carriers and hyperscale enterprises. But now we are implementing it for all sorts of enterprise clients in their key network routes, where it offers new levels of choice, flexibility, control, and confidence.

So, if your organisation is finding that its existing network infrastructure is not keeping up with the demands of digital transformation or business growth, this has hopefully given you some food for thought and a possible solution to explore. Naturally, with our Wavelength Services you also get everything else you would expect from Lumen, including:

  • Local-to-global coverage
  • Commercial flexibility
  • Lumen solution architects, engaged to architect the reliability and resilience of your service
  • 24×7 service monitoring and rapid response to issues

Food for thought

Please feel free to contact us or your Account Director to discuss your needs, find out more on our website, explore our Zoom customer story, or to learn more watch our 25 min on-demand Webinar

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