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SD-WAN and MPLS: fight to the death or strategic alliance?

When SD-WAN first started to gain traction, a lot of people predicted it would kill MPLS.

There were good reasons for that opinion. Traditional WANs aren’t well-suited to the cloud era where traffic from business-critical apps and services is destined for the internet. The traditional MPLS practice of backhauling to a central hub doesn’t allow for the performance that many cloud services demand, and MPLS costs can mushroom if capacity is increased to cope with the demand for internet connectivity.


Engaging stakeholders in a SD-WAN implementation is key to unlocking its true value

The nature of business, and the role of IT within it, has changed dramatically in recent years. As agile, customer-focused digital businesses have emerged, IT provisioning has evolved to meet the need for increased flexibility and responsiveness. A multi-cloud model has become common, but this has placed huge pressure on traditional networks, which have struggled to cope with the new demands.

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