Matthew Johns, Product Marketing Manager, EMEA

Matthew is a member of the CenturyLink marketing team. He has over 20 years’ experience in the IT, cloud and hosting industry gained in a variety of roles spanning project management to product release and product marketing. Matthew has a key focus on Digital Transformation and Cyber Security, including how organisations can best transition to the cloud and secure their critical assets – particularly with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming ever closer..

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Computing Security Excellence Awards 2017

CenturyLink are proud to have been shortlisted for the Managed Security Award in the 2017 Computing Security Excellence Awards.


The “Dark” Side of DDoS Attacks – it’s all about misdirection

DDoS attacks are no longer the simple brute force attack they used to be. These days they regularly form part of a much more complex attack vector and can be targeted at any business. Read on to learn more about this emerging trend in cyber-crime.


Innovative Cybersecurity Service for Insurance

Take a look into CenturyLink’s Managed Security Services and the innovative service portal that helps detect, contain and remediate cybersecurity threats for our customers.


Lawyers as IT Developers

In the future we will see lawyers joining forces with IT developers. Even today these distinct professions have started to realise the benefits of working together. As law firms embrace digital transformation, the lines between these professions will become blurred. Culture shifts and new business models will emerge. So what will the IT law firm of the future look like?


Podcast: Serious insecurities – data security for the legal industry in the age of the cloud

The second in a series of new podcasts focusing on the legal industry and the issues and challenges that firms face today. Steve Harrison, CenturyLink’s industry lead for legal and Nadia Nizar, head of influencer relations in EMEA, discuss the issues and how to combat them.


Cybersecurity and data protection for Lawyers

All data is at risk. None more so than sensitive business-critical data. Threats from cybersecurity are increasing and the main danger? Your own staff. CIOs plan and protect against known threats, but the biggest concern? The unknown. So, how do you plan for unknown threats?


Flexible working for lawyers

Flexible and agile working environments are transforming the way businesses work. Benefits include contented and more productive employees, as well as reduced costs. Law firms haven’t traditionally embraced this flexible approach to the work-life balance. So, how can law firms adapt to take advantage of this trend – and why should they? As we will see below, lawyers make ideal candidates for flexible working and firms can make significant cost savings as well as bolstering their equality credentials by introducing agile working environments for their fee earners.

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