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SD-WAN and MPLS: fight to the death or strategic alliance?

When SD-WAN first started to gain traction, a lot of people predicted it would kill MPLS.

There were good reasons for that opinion. Traditional WANs aren’t well-suited to the cloud era where traffic from business-critical apps and services is destined for the internet. The traditional MPLS practice of backhauling to a central hub doesn’t allow for the performance that many cloud services demand, and MPLS costs can mushroom if capacity is increased to cope with the demand for internet connectivity.


Engaging stakeholders in a SD-WAN implementation is key to unlocking its true value

The nature of business, and the role of IT within it, has changed dramatically in recent years. As agile, customer-focused digital businesses have emerged, IT provisioning has evolved to meet the need for increased flexibility and responsiveness. A multi-cloud model has become common, but this has placed huge pressure on traditional networks, which have struggled to cope with the new demands.


Go Agile to Attract the Best

Flexible working is key to winning the next wave of legal talent

In the legal industry, competition for next-gen talent is fierce. New technologies and digital-first competitors are causing traditional legal firms to rethink the way they attract and retain the best employees. Increasingly, they’re turning to agile working as a key differentiator.


Why the time is right to adopt a multi-CDN strategy

Broadcasters and other content providers know that using a content delivery network (CDN) is critical to optimising the end-user experience. But there are many circumstances in which relying on a single CDN may not be enough to assure the performance levels you need. For example:


Adaptive networking for a data-driven future: where are business networks heading?

The digital business of the future will be largely driven by data. But with the proliferation of devices and touchpoints, and an exponential increase in data volumes, enterprises need to take an entirely new approach to the way their networks support the business.


Adaptive networking: three critical features for true digital agility

With digital businesses increasingly reliant on fast decision-making based on rapid data acquisition and analytics, we’re seeing demand for a new kind of networking model. Adaptive networking is a radically different approach where a centrally controlled infrastructure automatically, securely and intelligently responds to the varying needs of applications and volumes of data.


Network investment for data-driven business

The movement of data is absolutely critical to the success of digital businesses. A growing reliance on new and emerging technologies – like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things – is leading to an explosion in the quantity of data being created: by 2025, IDC forecasts that around 463EB of data will be generated every day.


Building the workplace of the future

The expectations that employees have of their working experience is undeniably changing. Flexible working has been increasing in popularity and the COVID-19 lockdown has accelerated adoption, with businesses implementing practices such as remote working at an unprecedented rate.


Are you providing consumers with the best experience of your content?

As consumers of online content, we have more choice today than anyone could have dreamed of a decade (or less) ago. Thanks to ever more capable and powerful mobile devices, we’re always on — consuming content wherever and whenever suits us. And as mobile connectivity has become ever more integrated into our everyday lives, our tolerance for the slightest delay in our online experience has gone down. We expect instant gratification, whatever we’re doing: whether that’s watching streaming video, rooting for our team during a live sports event, or playing an online game.


Tipico: Boosting turnover with the reliability and performance of Cloud Connect

Tipico has grown from a single betting shop in Germany to one of the leading European betting providers, and is headquartered in Malta. It offers a range of online sports betting products for mobile, and has a chain of around 1,200 betting shops in Germany and Austria.

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