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Flexible working after lockdown: taking a longer-term approach to UC&C

With the lockdown of countries around the world due to Covid-19, businesses have been forced to suddenly and dramatically adapt working practices to allow them to continue operating. Technology has naturally been at the heart of this worldwide adjustment to the pandemic, with communication and collaboration solutions seeing huge spikes in demand: at Lumen we’ve seen audio conferencing usage alone jump by more than 200% globally.


Shifting collaboration to the cloud: can the right UC&C solution help futureproof your business?

The way in which we work has unarguably changed beyond all recognition in recent years and of course has accelerated in recent months with so many more of us working from home.

It’s clear that organisations offering flexible and mobile working capabilities are likely to be better placed to adapt to the challenges presented by the global pandemic. In the longer term, we also see that flexible and mobile working is actively sought out by millennial employees, and these facilities are increasingly vital to staff productivity and job satisfaction.

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