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Expanding into the US market with a compliant cloud solution

Tipico has been a byword for safe sports betting services all the way back to 2004, over which time it has transformed itself from a small, innovative bookmaker, into an internationally active group of companies.


Creating a platform to boost productivity and enable Industry 4.0

Variable latency across parts of the network was affecting application performance. As K+S began to move more applications to the cloud, its infrastructure was becoming a barrier, so it needed to create a stronger foundation for its future IT and business plans.


Putting the pedal to the metal in the automotive industry: boosting agility and competitiveness in a disruptive market

Like many other sectors in recent years, the automotive industry is experiencing a period of enormous and transformative disruption.


Everything must change: why disruption in the automotive industry means brands must transform to survive

The automotive industry is on the brink of enormous change. Regulatory, social and environmental pressures, along with evolving consumer demands, mean that traditional operating models are rapidly becoming unsustainable.


Connectivity & Agility für global agierende mittelständische Unternehmen [DE]

Das inhabergeführte, eigenfinanzierte Familienunternehmen nicos AG, Münster, engagiert sich als Partner des Mittelstands für dessen sichere, globale Datenkommunikation


Have you heard about the Enterprise networking revolution?

There is a quiet revolution happening in enterprise networking. We are seeing it among automotive and other manufacturers; banks and other financial service firms; media businesses and the networks delivering their content; utilities and other energy companies; pharmaceuticals; healthcare; retail; government and more.


UC&C in a world of unprecedented challenges

The ability to work remotely is more relevant than ever now. How effective is today’s UC&C, and what lies ahead?

We surveyed 700 of our enterprise customers in 2020 and this is what they told us.

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